4 Superpowers to Get To High Success

Remember our FORBES goal planning exercise (Make Your 2024 Plan Work. For Real)? Go check it out if you haven’t. And, if it hasn’t solved the gap from where you are to where you want to be, YET, allow me to offer a strategy to carry forward that may correct the problem. If you can do these four things you will blow the cover off the roof.  Now, these “Superpowers” are tactical and apply to all. No one is perfect across these. Make minor improvements in these areas, and your progress will accelerate in a major way:

  1. Minimize distractions and drama in your life
  2. Increase your Focus on things you can influence
  3. Take Simple Positive Action Now
  4. Trust the rewards shall come

Minimize Drama and Distractions

Notice we say minimize and not eliminate. Some drama makes life fun. Some distractions lead to spontaneity. But, we take it too far, frequently in both areas.

What’s the drama in your life right now? Do you feel like you attract it? Do you feel like you can’t do anything about it? These may be indicative of mindset challenges. If you find that your day is filled with wild swings in emotion, and people constantly bring you gossip, there may be an inside job that has to happen for you to minimize the drama.

What about national and world drama? How much of the weather channel do you watch? How much national 24-hour news do you watch? Zero for me now. Local news for the most part is still OK, and there are other sources of information I value to stay informed. But it’s not the bought and paid for tainted news. These aim to bring both drama and distraction.

What are your distractions? Where do you fall compared to the average 2.5 hours per day Americans spend on social media (which equates to more than one month per year)? What about streaming and binge-watching brain candy shows, or playing video games? Do you check your email too often and end up on someone else’s agenda instead of yours? None of these things are bad in and of themselves, but they can be terribly expensive when looking at the opportunity cost of what else you could be doing if they take too much of your time. You already know an area you could stand to reduce time spent, I bet! I know what it is for me and am correcting it – getting a little better each day.

Here are 3 tactical ideas to help you minimize drama and distractions:

  1. Mindfulness exercises. One easy one is silencing all distractions and focus on your breathing.
  2. Stay CALM – there will be an entire blog on this, for now, here is the acronym: Collect information from all angles, Assess what you have learned, Lay out the plan, Make progress.
  3. Get clear on your Mission, Vision, and Principles – no better way to help you filter your decisions on where you spend your time or what drama you allow in your life than clarity on these The Strength of Your Roots Will Determine the Quality of Your Fruits (Get Clear On Your M.V.P.)

Increase Your Focus On Things You Can Control

This is a recurring theme. If you minimize your drama and distractions, you have space to fill. If you fill it with investments of your time where you can make a difference, instead of time wasters, you will have made great progress that might just set you up for exponential progress when you employ step 3 which comes up next. This is something I would think about each evening when you are planning your next day, and then each morning when you wake up as part of your routine. Focus is a superpower and a clear characteristic of the most successful people. Back to FORBES, what are the things you can control to move to higher success with Family, Occupation, Recreation, Body and Health, Education, Spirituality?

Here are 3 tactical ideas to help you increase Focus:

  1. Implement a Morning Kickstart to set you up for the most effective day possible Morning Kickstart
  2. Silence all notifications, schedule time to review and respond to email and texts.
  3. Use the Pomodoro technique when applicable Pomodoro Technique – Wikipedia

Take Simple Positive Action Now

When you consistently take action – disciplined, responsible, courageous action – you now take the early wins and set yourself up for the power of compounding. This leads to exponential wins over time.

The key here is getting consistent with it.

Here are 3 tactical ideas to help you take Simple Positive Action Now:

  1. Break big goals down into small tasks
  2. Put the small tasks on your calendar
  3. Review our work on Fear if it keeps coming up for you and causes you to hesitate: Fear Is the Biggest Liar

Trust the Reward Will Come

When I hit financial rock bottom back in the early 2000s, it was a result of me not being effective with my time. Then, once I became focused and started taking action, there was still a problem. I was grinding out the work and also grinding my teeth at night because I wanted the results to happen quickly. I was anxious about the outcome, and that is a limiting approach. The real rewards started coming not only when I got the right actions going but when I started celebrating the action over the outcome as the real success! I stopped thinking about the result and went all-in on the leading actions. This is hard to accomplish especially when you are in dire straits like I was.

You control where your energy flows. Sometimes life happens for sure, but there is a difference between wallowing in the negative indefinitely compared to feeling the emotion, addressing it, talking about it with someone when appropriate, and getting back in the game. Some are so good at this they never leave the game.

Hypothesis: If you reduce drama and distractions, even if by 5% per year, and increase your focus on what matters most by the same amount each year, and start taking consistent action and trust the results will come then you will experience MAJOR success in any of the FORBES areas you set to conquer..

What needs to change for you?

What will you do?

Simple Positive Action – Now!

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