Leadership Teams

Group Coaching for Leadership Teams

Group coaching facilitation sessions center around growing together as a team. Led by Kevin Waugaman, an expert in leadership, recruitment, and culture development, we’ll focus on leadership skills development, team building and improving collaboration skills.

Kevin playing the guitar in front of a class.
A picture of Kevin in a group coaching session with 2 other people.

Coaching & Consulting Services

During your session, Kevin will work closely with your leadership team to break down issues, collaboratively find solutions, and ensure everyone is on the same page. The workshop will include group discussion and breakout groups, covering questions around communication gaps, employee engagement, solutions, benefits and opportunity costs of various decisions and more.

Sessions Tailored to Your Group

No matter what your group’s needs, we can customize your session to your team of any size, including C-suite, mid level managers, and all your frontline team members. We’ll personalize a growth plan tailored to face your team’s challenges and drive your organization’s goals.

We’ll delve into various dimensions of leadership, vision crafting, strategic planning, and nurturing a thriving organizational culture. Whether it’s employee retention, contractor engagement, recruitment strategies, or honing a team’s leadership style, our conversations revolve around these pivotal aspects.

Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Consultation

No program is one-size-fits-all. If you or your team are ready to go to the next level, schedule your complimentary consultation. We’ll create a custom proposal with the best program tailor fit to you.

Hear From Professionals Like You

Kevin’s dedication to his business and yours will take your careers to new grand heights and you will have a blast on the journey! His knowledge of your business is based on his own successful real estate sales and leadership career and his many years at Merrill Lynch. His management expertise is, bar none, the finest I have ever had the pleasure of benefiting from.

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