Group Coaching

Group Coaching – Momentors Business and Growth Coach

Momentors group coaching sessions center around collaborative learning and growing together as a team. Led by Kevin Waugaman, an expert in sales, leadership, recruitment, and culture development, we’ll focus on leadership skills development, team building and improving collaboration skills. 

Learn more about our facilitation sessions designed to empower teams with the skills and insights needed to excel in various areas of business and life.

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Leadership / Executive Teams

Our group coaching sessions provide an avenue for leadership skills development, team building, and enhanced collaboration. No matter what your group needs, we can customize your session to your team of any size, including C-suite, mid level managers, and all your frontline team members. We’ll personalize a growth plan tailored to face your team’s challenges and drive your organization’s goals.

Sales Teams

If your team aspires for sales growth and leadership excellence, our group coaching is your solution. We're here to guide you toward sustainable business practices and financial success. With a focus on enhancing your sales capabilities and developing relevant skills, our sessions give your team the tools you need to achieve tangible results.

Mastermind Groups

For groups or individuals who are ready to develop sales, leadership, and communication skills and build their business, we offer multiple group certifications. These business and life coaching options include John Maxwell Certifications, along with the specifically developed MOMENTUM Group certification for experienced realtors and PowerUp! Group for newer realtors.

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No program is one-size-fits-all. If you or your team are ready to go to the next level, schedule your complimentary consultation. We’ll create a custom proposal with the best program tailor fit to you.

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