Mission and Values

Momentors Business and Life Coaching Mission and Values


We are passionate about helping people create their best lives. We listen to dreams of success, and help people achieve THEIR version of that dream. With Momentors, clients and our online community will Own Their Time and Elevate Their Game.

Kevin Waugaman displaying great values.


To change the world for the better one person at a time (starting with ourselves). To help people navigate the struggles of work/life harmony by relying on strong values. Then, to expand their influence in a way consistent with these values.


  • Faith in something bigger — as an example for our Founder, it is a relationship with Christ.
  • There is always something to be grateful for — start and end each day giving thanks.
  • Family and friends are highly valued.
  • Take care of people first and foremost, everything else will fall into place.
  • Lead with love and positivity — every day.
  • Bad things happen sometimes; choose the response.
  • Curiosity and fully engaged listening helps us help people get clear answers to their questions.
  • Honesty is critical for every relationship.
  • Do the right thing every time. Ask, is it legal, moral, ethical? And beyond that, does it feel right and align with values?
  • Our clients are dedicated to doing the right thing and doing what they say.
  • No excuses, do the work.
  • Bring great energy, even when difficult.
  • Do the difficult thing first.
  • Diversity plus collaboration leads to greater perspective.
  • Trust makes or breaks relationships — model strong character every day and increase knowledge and skills.
  • Time is most precious — eliminate waste, but allow strategic disengagement.
  • Let’s enjoy the journey!
  • Having fun along the way is a major part of success.
  • We are strong and loyal advocates for our clients, helping make personal and professional dreams come true.

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