Individual Coaching

Momentors Individual Coaching Programs

No matter your industry, where you’re at in your career, or your current stage of life, our business and life coaching services are tailored to you. We personalize a growth plan to help you achieve your goals and navigate your challenges. Led by CEO Kevin Waugaman, an expert in sales, leadership and personal development, we’re here to guide you on your journey to flourish, own your time, and elevate your game.

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Our goal is to serve as your partner in personal growth and leadership development as you achieve success — whatever success looks like for YOU. Our life coaching services are designed to help you create an improved quality of life while unlocking your fullest potential. Goals and gaps are addressed in finance, career performance, mindset and self-worth, health and fitness, and relationships.

Sales Career

At Momentors, we serve as your dedicated partner in sales career development. Kevin will share his 25+ years of sales experience, advice, and actionable steps tailored to your growth. He offers a blend of life coaching and mentorship tailored to transform your sales career into a thriving success, without coming across as “too salesy”. You will maximize effectiveness in the time you allocate to your business to get the highest return on that time.


Kevin brings successful CEO experience to the table as he guides you on your leadership journey. Our unique approach to leadership development combines personalized coaching, mentorship, and accountability to empower you as a visionary leader. Kevin shares his expertise in leadership, recruiting, and culture development to guide you on your leadership journey.

Let’s Work Together

Schedule your consultation to begin reshaping your life and your career. With Momentors, you’ll be equipped with personalized strategies, mentorship, and the confidence to achieve lasting success.

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