Sales Career Development

Business and Life Coaching for Sales Career Development

At Momentors, we serve as your dedicated partner in sales career development. Led by CEO Kevin Waugaman, a seasoned sales expert, our program offers a unique blend of coaching and mentorship tailored to transform your sales career into a thriving and successful journey.

Kevin instructing a class.

Achieve Personal Growth and Enhance Your Sales Career

Our approach to sales career development goes beyond traditional coaching. Kevin’s insights enable a comprehensive review of your week, analyzing how you allocate your time. He identifies gaps, helps you optimize your schedule, and fine-tunes your approach. 

From real estate to financial/banking product sales — Kevin’s been in your shoes and can guide you effectively.

Tailored Approach for Lasting Success

Instead of prescribing a formula, we present effective program examples. Through collaborative exploration, we identify what resonates with you, ignites excitement, and aligns with your unique style. The result? A customized plan that condenses essential strategies into a simple plan — your go-to guide for consistent success. Kevin prioritizes authenticity, ensuring each step feels right for you.

How it Works

Our program isn’t just coaching; it’s a personalized journey to elevate your sales career. 

Bi-Monthly Calls

You’ll join Kevin on bi-monthly coaching sessions conducted through Zoom, phone, or in-person meetings. If challenges arise — Kevin can join unscheduled calls. There will be practice sessions to increase skills as well. This personalized engagement ensures you're on the right track.

Accountability Emails

To ensure continuous growth, you'll complete weekly accountability and responsibility emails to share with Kevin each month. This consistent interaction will keep you on track as you work towards your sales goals. Kevin personally reviews and offers feedback on your progress, providing insights that will further enrich your sales career.

Personalized Roadmap

While you take responsibility for implementing your strategies, Kevin helps you build a personalized roadmap tailored to your strengths and aspirations. This hands-on approach balances guidance with independence.

Let’s Work Together

Our program is adjustable to your pace. Whether you’re new in your sales career and seeking direction, grappling with market shifts, nearing retirement, contemplating team integration, making crucial hires, or anywhere in between. Kevin’s expertise covers it all, guiding you through various career stages.

Schedule your consultation to begin a transformative journey that reshapes your sales career. With Momentors, you’ll be equipped with personalized strategies, mentorship, and the confidence to achieve lasting success.

Hear From Professionals Like You

It has been a truly rewarding experience working with Kevin Waugaman. Being a 30 year veteran in the real estate industry, specializing in high end residential sales, I found Kevin to be a trusted advisor.

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