Momentors Trust Builder

Real Estate Sales Performance Program

The Momentors Trust Builder (MTB) programs are designed to support real estate professionals at all levels. The courses share a proven framework you can customize to your prospects, clients, and you. You’ll leave with an authentic approach and actionable steps that lead to real results. You can expect a lift of 5-10+ transactions per year by implementing these strategies.

Each step of this training series helps you build a business around integrity and trust that will thrive in all markets. You’ll gain a solid foundation for future growth, conquer key challenges in the profession, and learn the best systems for exponential success.

A Real Estate Coach With Real Estate Experience

Kevin Waugaman is a leader in real estate brokerage, mortgage, title, property management, and insurance services with over 25 years of experience. He’s coached, mentored, and trained hundreds of real estate professionals and leaders — and looks forward to working with you.

Real Estate Sales Training

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MTB Real Estate Sales Performance 201 (Level-up)

Consider this a unique training program to help take your real estate career to the next level.

Course tuition is $750 per person, you will receive 14 sessions over 14 weeks to watch on demand.

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MMT Real Estate Sales Performance 301 (Advanced)

With this 14-week program, you’ll achieve mastery over your real estate sales performance.

Course tuition is $1,000 per person. Classes are capped at 25 professionals. Note: Classes available to watch on demand.

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Hear From Professionals Like You

It has been a truly rewarding experience working with Kevin Waugaman. Being a 30 year veteran in the real estate industry, specializing in high end residential sales, I found Kevin to be a trusted advisor. I always leave with a gem to implement. He has the ability to look at the big picture, always calm and offering expert advice.

Kevin’s dedication to his business and yours will take your careers to new grand heights and you will have a blast on the journey! His knowledge of your business is based on his own successful real estate sales and leadership career and his many years at Merrill Lynch. His management expertise is, bar none, the finest I have ever had the pleasure of benefiting from.

Within two minutes of speaking with Kevin, I knew my choice was clear. He challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, and look at opportunities in a different light. Kevin is a consummate professional, but, more importantly, also having been a salesperson in the past, he is an empathetic and understanding mentor.

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