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Friday Freestyle Videos

Each Friday, Kevin tackles a different leadership or personal development topic to help kickstart you on your growth journey. Watch below for quick, bite-sized tips you can review during your morning coffee or daily break. Subscribe to Momentors on YouTube so you never miss a new video!

Monthly Webinars

Power in Forgiveness – Withholding It Is COSTLY

In this webinar, Kevin explores the concept of forgiveness, confronting uncomfortable past experiences, acknowledging and expressing emotions, and seeking forgiveness from others. Kevin emphasizes the importance of focusing on controlling one’s own actions and attitudes rather than trying to control others.

Morning Kickstart is a Game ELEVATOR!

Kevin discusses the significance of morning routines, small, consistent changes, and visualizing success. In this webinar, learn how to start your day right and put yourself in the absolute best position for success. Kevin shares ideas on what to do and why, and what NOT to do and why. You will have a framework to customize so it is authentic to you! 

Get Clear on Your M.V.P. (Mission, Vision, Principles)

Kevin underscores the value of personal growth by narrating his journey and ongoing commitment to it. In this webinar, learn about the significance of understanding and implementing change, identifying one’s purpose, and making decisions based on principles and values. Kevin closes out by explaining how the “One to Grow On Community” can help you do those things and further your personal development journey!

Flock With right crew

In this webinar, Kevin examines the role relationships play in our personal growth journey and what we can do to foster healthy ones. He starts by introducing the foundation of all good relationships and teaches you how to take stock of those in your life. Then we look closely at some specific dynamics, including relationships with colleagues, supportive peer groups, mentors and life partners. Tune in to learn more about building a compassionate and success-driven community that will propel you towards your definition of success!

Fear is the Biggest Liar

In this webinar, Kevin discusses personal growth and conquering fear for success. He shared his journey, urged action, and gave strategies like facing challenges directly and adopting a growth mindset. He emphasizes learning from failure, ignoring judgment, and relying on faith, discipline, and courage. Make the first step today and start overcoming fear.

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