Make Your 2024 Plan Work. For Real.

2024 Planning Done?  Now what?

You most likely have heard one of the following:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

“If it isn’t in writing, it doesn’t exist.”

“96% of successful people have written goals.”

All of these are true, although I picked a percentage for the last one from thin air because I‘ve heard quite a few variations.

2024 Action Plan

Here’s the thing. These quotes can also be positively worthless without the next step, and that is determining the ACTIONS that align with the goals. In fact, I’d like to suggest a more thorough approach to 2024 planning. Here’s one that I’ve developed over many years in sales and leadership that may apply to you:

  1. Get clarity on your MVP (Mission, Vision, Principles) – For those in the OTGO community, this is the focus of Module 3.
  2. Review your calendar or task lists from 2023 and identify where your time was most valuable and also where you can dial it back in 2024.  Look for things to eliminate that don’t serve you and your MVP well.
  3. Develop 1-2 goals in each of these FORBES areas:
    • Family
    • Occupation
    • Recreation
    • Body and health
    • Education and Personal Growth
    • Spiritual growth
  4. Identify WHY the change is important for each of the goals and write it down.
  5. Develop a rough draft of action steps to take to advance these goals. This is a brainstorming session, so just let the ideas flow.
  6. Take the brainstorm and break it down into appropriate daily/weekly/monthly/annual tasks.  For example, if losing 20 pounds is your target it may look like this:
    • Daily:  30 minutes of exercise to rotate through walking, yoga, and pilates. Two recovery days per week.
    • Weekly: Step on a scale and take measurements to review progress.
    • Monthly: Do something outside of the normal routine i.e. hiking, biking, rock wall climbing, etc.
    • Annual: A 10-day juice cleanse program.
  7. Here is the KEY: Start putting the key action steps on your calendar now for January, February, and March. Put them on the calendar NOW.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It’s not that difficult if you take it one step at a time. And remember, that which is worthwhile is often challenging. Next week, I’ll also give you some ideas on how to break through the curse of the New Year’s resolution and create lasting change. This is a starting point though, and you will be far more down the road to success than just writing down some goals and shelving them until this time next year!

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