Morning Kickstart

Why do we get stuck in life, in business, in relationships? 

Is it fear of “no”?  Worried about what others think?  Imposter syndrome?  Time or energy management issues?  Overwhelmed by too much going on?  Distractions?  Trying to do too much?  Laziness? 

Or are past traumas or transgressions holding you back?  Is it a lack of personal leadership effectiveness?  Or one that I see from time to time, a nonconscious fear of yes or success!?  (“I don’t deserve…”)  Now, if it’s that one, only the most self-aware people will recognize it! 

We all hit a combination of roadblocks and challenges that we need to overcome.  The answer is different for everyone, therefore, the solution is different for everyone.  Beware of “one size fits all” claims!

This is serious business.  This is life!  If we can assess why we are stuck, we can take on the challenges.  The last thing we need is for time to pass us by while we are not making the most of it!  Time = our most valuable ASSET.

There are no simple hacks for this; it takes introspection, hard work, discipline, and time.  One area where I have worked on this for myself through years of research and now in coaching others is developing an amazing morning HABIT STACK.  To begin the day very well.  Leadership expert John Maxwell says, “All is well that begins well.”  I used to call it a morning routine, but routines tend to turn into ruts.  Let’s call it our Morning Kickstart.  Here is the key:  It should be adaptable, personal, and ideally address the following areas:

  • Spirituality
  • Health and Fitness
  • Mindset and self-worth
  • Personal growth
  • Daily effectiveness

An amazing Morning Kickstart will set up your day so that you can be more proactive and effective.  And over time, will lead to better health, energy, and longevity.  The pushback?  “I don’t have time.”  “I’m not a morning person.”  “I have kids, and my mornings are crazy.”  These self-limiting beliefs can be tackled.  I’ve done it!  How?  Discovery that the benefits overwhelmingly conquer the limited power of these excuses, and a couple of other points.

One example of a solid kickstart, one that I have researched and improved upon for years, continues to evolve since I am perpetually learning.  This is a great way to kickstart your day above and beyond the obvious need for time allocated to family, personal hygiene, and nutrition.  Here is what it looks like today:

My Current Kickstart: 60 mintues

  • Gratitudes and prayer: 1 minute 
  • Meditation: 8 minutes
  • Positive reading: 5 minutes 
  • Write affirmations: 8 minutes
  • Review life list and visualize: 3 minutes
  • 2 Handwritten notes/acts of kindness: 5 minutes
  • Exercise*: 30 minutes (positive podcast or uplifting music during)

*check with your doctor first

It works for me!  This takes one hour in the morning.  Where do you find another hour?  Wake up earlier is one strategy.  That’s what I did.

Also, unless it is your job or there is a really good reason for it, you’ll notice what is NOT included on this list:  Watching the news, checking email, or checking your social media account.  These are great ways to get distracted or depressed and will not help you begin your day ideally.  There is a time and place for these in limited quantities, just not at the outset.

If you currently do nothing along these lines, this would be overwhelming to try and accomplish all at once.  Start with 10 minutes per day for one month and take on a couple of these ideas and work your way up for the next few months.  It’s OK as long as progress is being made.

Sometimes we need to call an audible because, well, life happens!  So here is a pro tip:  Have a modified version of your kickstart.  For me, it’s this:

Exercise (while listening to a podcast, saying prayers, and repeating affirmations) – 30 minutes

And yes, there are some days when emergencies happen, and the Morning Kickstart doesn’t get done at all.  Give yourself some grace for those days, but be relentless about GETTING AFTER IT the next day.  For some of us, it really is a matter of life or death. 

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