Right Actions, Strong Results

“If you are going to do it, do it right!”

I think we can all agree this is decent advice. To an extent. There are two issues:

First, are you procrastinating the thing because you are trying to plan it to perfection? Second, and worse yet, are you even doing the right things?

This is for you leader, entrepreneur, and sales professional – and anyone who has a degree of flexibility in your work and get to make decisions on where your time and energy flow.

There are also personal applications with this for all of us for our relationships, health, personal development, and spiritual journey.

For those that are part of the One To Grow On community, we’ve been building to this and you have a strong foundation to start making changes if you haven’t already. You know how to start your day right. You have worked through questions about faith and empowered yourself through the forgiveness of self and others. You’ve identified your Mission, your Vision, and your Principles (MVP), worked through fear, and evaluated your relationships and where changes might be appropriate. You have learned the importance of focus, and reducing distractions and some ideas on how to accomplish these. You have learned a powerful way to distill your big-picture goals down to daily actions and developed the mindset to stay consistent.

In The Law of Abundance, S.D Buffington writes, “Until we have clarity, we cannot know what the right action is. When we cannot discern what actions will lead to write or wrong outcomes, we stay stuck in uncertainty and cannot move forward courageously.”

This personal development journey isn’t meant to be one blog or chapter that makes all the difference. It builds. It is designed to launch you into a lifelong commitment to growth. For higher joy and fulfillment, success, and even longevity and deeper connections along the way.

Let’s change the quote above. “In order to reach your full potential, bring your best in doing the right work.”

The keys here – 

  1. The target is to reach, and not squander, our potential
  2. We bring our best and do not attempt perfection, our best will improve with experience
  3. We identify and engage in the right work, and minimize the peripheral time wasters

What is the right work? I have a feeling you know the answer. If you are a leader and not getting the results you want from your team, you probably know whether it’s a connection thing, a culture thing, a self-leadership thing, an effectiveness thing, or a poison-pill thing staff member thing. The question, “Are you bringing your best to solve the thing?”

If you are an entrepreneur, are you doing the difficult work to find harmony in life so you don’t burn out? Are you prioritizing your health in addition to the countless hours per day you are working? What about your spouse and family? You see, bringing your best to one area of importance does not mean that other areas of importance need to be sacrificed. Some things need to be sacrificed, for sure. But not the most important things, at least not in totality.

Sales professionals can be masterful at staying busy yet not doing the most important work consistently each day. I know, because I was a master at this until I figured out a much better approach! The mantra became “Do the difficult first!” which are generally the things that are most effective with the greatest return on investment.

Setting FORBES goals (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Body and Health, Education and personal development, and Spirituality) is the start here. If you have not read this yet, please do so before moving on. Make Your 2024 Plan Work. For Real. – Momentors (momentorsllc.com) It is important to know what you want and think through steps on how to get there. The trick is then taking the first steps before you think the plan is perfect because it never will be. You will need to adjust and adapt along the way. This is why I recommend once you brainstorm the right actions, you lay them out on a calendar for no more than three months. Because, you will more likely need to increase something, decrease something, and possibly try a new path along the way.

Family – Am I slack here? Scale of 1 to 10. With my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. Am I making these relationships a priority? If I want to start a family, am I taking courageous action for the first step, to ask him/her out? If married, do I need to add a date night once per week with my spouse? What about an activity outside of our normal routine with the kids once per month?

Occupation – What are the top 3 things in my daily routine that will move the needle? Am I doing enough of it? Can I delegate some of the less important stuff? Or stop doing it? Am I where the rubber meets the road, or on the periphery? What is my relationship like with my boss? With my employees? With my clients and vendors? Where can I improve?

Recreation – Too much talk about starting the hobby or taking that vacation? Book it. In The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr discusses the importance of strategic disengagement to recharge the batteries and maintain mental and physical health. This is huge!

Body and health – Exercise. Get started. Or kick it up a notch. Period.

Education and personal development – The One To Grow On community is right here for that first step. Lifelong learning leads to greater success, health, and joy. On the fence? Give it a try by clicking the link below. There are no contracts you can cancel anytime. May be the best investment you ever make.

Spirituality – Quite personal – but if something is pulling you, take the steps!

What will you eliminate that isn’t serving you?

What will you add that does serve you, your family, your employer, your employees, your faith?

Let’s go!

“In order to reach your full potential, bring your best in doing the right work.”

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