Your Personal Halftime Plan

It’s halftime. We are six months into 2024!  How are you tracking towards the goals you set for business and in your personal life?

If you are crushing it, it’s time to decide if the goals are too small and you need upward adjustment. Exciting!

If you are off track somewhere, you aren’t alone. In fact, many people are struggling right now in one or more areas where they set goals for improvement. Here’s how you and I can get back on track sooner rather than later with a solid self-guided mid-year review. Let’s reflect and then answer this key question:

What will we do differently for the next three months to get on track?

The key is to change the daily and weekly actions and habits, not the goals. It’s the perfect time to adjust.

Here is my halftime plan already in progress. Feel free to adapt and use:

  1. Evaluate: Two hours of reflection on the first half of the year.
    • Review annual business plan and goals across FORBES (Family /Occupation / Recreation / Body and Health / Education and personal development / Spirituality.
    • Honest self-assessment of the current situation in each area.
    • Review the past 6 months’ calendar in detail.
    • What was effective, and where do I need to spend more time?
    • What do I need to do less of? Delegate? Stop doing?
    • With whom do I need to invest more time?

  1. Brainstorm: One hour of brainstorming on additional action steps or how to adjust what I am doing currently that will move me towards my goals. Write it all down with no limitations.
  1. Decide: The day after your brainstorm, decide on the most important key action steps that you will start doing, do more of, or stop doing.
  1. Commit: Invest 30 minutes to calendar the most important items on a recurring basis for the next three months. (I do this exercise quarterly and will make adjustments again for Q4)
  1. Execute: Follow your calendar. Spend 20 minutes each week reviewing your ideal plan for the next week, and 10 minutes at the end of each day reviewing your plan for the next day.

In preparation for writing this, I asked who the most successful coaches were at making halftime adjustments. Here is the response:

“To answer this question thoroughly, we’d need to consider coaches across different sports and eras. However, here are a few NFL and college football coaches known for their halftime adjustment skills:

  1. Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)
  2. Nick Saban (University of Alabama)
  3. Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs)”

As head coaches, these three have a combined 15 Super Bowls / NCAA National Championships.

Why are halftime adjustments important?

The plan of action has now been tested. We have data, we have progress or lack thereof. Our resilience has been tested. It hasn’t gone perfectly as planned, has it?

Now we can make a more informed plan of attack based on feedback and new information.

Let’s make the adjustments now. That will set us up to, you guessed it, FINISH STRONG!

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