From Call Center to CEO

Ed Mylett said, “You are most qualified to help the person you used to be.”  The One To Grow On (OTGO) online community and book are constructed with 20-years-ago-me as an audience, applied to today’s environment. One to Grow On is for you. It’s for the person trying to find their place in the world, for the person reinventing their lives or beginning their personal growth journey, or for the person trying to succeed in a sales role or grow into a leadership position. It’s also for the people simply trying to find a level of harmony in life that can be difficult to wrap your arms around.

Every day, I learn something new – I challenge myself, I step outside of my comfort zone, and from putting in work doing the right things right, enjoy great success from “Call Center to CEO.”  Over this bumpy and often challenging road, I was also able to find purpose and fulfillment across my relationships. My faith grew, my family is evolving, and my career is flourishing.  It’s not perfect (it never is or will be), but things could’ve gone an entirely different direction for me if it weren’t for some key decisions along the way, coaching and mentorship, and extensive research and experience in:

  1. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable (this is where the growth and magic happen)
  2. Developing a strong level of influence (whether you are in sales, leadership, or ANYTHING else -this is important)
  3. Leading through super challenging times (no doubt, this is an x-factor)

This OTGO community offers a series of videos, blogs, emails, chapters, and webinars that are designed to help you move closer to, and stretch your potential.  This content and corresponding action steps have worked for me and many others I’ve coached and mentored along the way.

I share a lot of free content in the form of videos and blogs, so feel free to continue to engage with that if it’s helpful.  For those that are serious, and looking to dive deeper along a personal growth and development journey, I would encourage you to take a no-risk look into the deeper content in the community.  It’s a 24-month (cancel anytime) program where you dive deep into topics each month complete with

  1. Video
  2. Research
  3. Emails
  4. Action plans
  5. Downloadable resources
  6. Monthly webinars

I also share additional resources to dive deeper into the topics most relevant to you. 

We’re running a spring offer that will apply to all current AND new subscribers. If for whatever reason you don’t find the content valuable no problem there’s no contract. Cancel it any time and I’ll even refund your money if you cancel within the first 10 days. 

Here are a handful of the 24 topics we tackle along the way and you will notice we really help you build a strong foundation, not just short-term hacks that aren’t sustainable. We’re really talking about building a foundation for long-term growth, success, and lifelong learning.

  • Morning Kickstart
  • Get Clear on Your Mission, Vision, Principles (MVP)
  • FEAR Is the Biggest Liar
  • Ideas Are Cheap, Execution is Gold
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Develop a Calmness to Your Style
  • Negotiations and the Power of Creating Options

This discount is available through the end of March so let’s get it done!  Click and join, and here we GROW!

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