Finish Strong

This is the best time of the year! I love the focus on gratitude, faith, and family through the holiday season. There is also a tremendous opportunity to Finish Strong in 2023, which sets us up for a wonderful year-end and a solid start to 2024. 

Here are two questions to think about well before Santa makes his way around the globe:

  • If you could change three things in your personal life that you KNOW would positively impact your health and relationships, what would those be?
  • If you could change three things in your professional life that you KNOW would positively impact your bottom line, what would those be?

Notice I say change – because we are not only talking about adding things but most certainly for all of us, some things need to be reduced or eliminated!

Chances are one or two ideas come to mind immediately. Write all of them down.

Here is the key: I am not suggesting these as New Year’s resolutions. I suggest getting started now! Taking action now can make all the difference.

A contrarian tip: step up your level of engagement from now until the end of the year. Of course, it’s still important to take some time off, be present with family and friends, volunteer, and absolutely do the holidays well.

However, people often engage at a lower level of productivity at the end of the year, making it harder to start their goals the following year. They are almost playing catch-up in everything from health (over-indulged) to business (slacked at the end of the year). This leads to some regret and sluggishness at the start of the year.

If you are self-employed, this can be especially challenging. A great way to stay on point is to block your vacation time now, even if you don’t answer to anyone, and then commit to bringing your best on all working days to close out the year with purpose and passion. You will feel better and gain some incredible momentum for 2024.

Here are some tactical ideas to consider between now and year-end:

  • For leaders: Invest more time to connect with your employees – deliver a pie or another small gift or handwritten note, something a little extra to show you care. Keep it simple.
  • For salespeople:  Step up efforts to connect with your clients and sphere of influence – a simple phone call or text to check in and add value if possible. Be intentional about this, and include people you haven’t spoken with in a while.
  • Use video to send a message to people you care about. Depending on your audience, it can be an update on personal matters (think the video version of a holiday card) or a professional update that adds value.
  • Review your business plan from last year and conduct an honest assessment of your current state.
  • Review your calendar for clues on where time was properly invested vs. wasted, and commit to focusing more on the effective.
  • Review your FORBES life list and start writing down next year’s goals (A goal list that includes Family, Occupation, Recreation, Body and health, Education/Personal Growth, and Spiritual goals).
  • Brainstorm and list strategies to help you achieve these goals. Then, think through the challenges and how you will overcome them.
  • Join our One To Grow On Community to begin or enhance your personal growth and development journey.
  • Show up for your family, community, business, and church – be present where you are.
  • Develop a healthy Morning Kickstart and get going on it now.
  • Start that exercise program you have been procrastinating on – do it today!
  • Adopt a “Plus One” mentality.  Any time you are wrapping up for the day, do just “one more.” Make one more connection, write one more paragraph of content, and accomplish one more task.

If you are in real estate sales or leadership, touch base with me, and I will provide a resource to help you Finish Strong!

Sports of all sorts teach us amazing lessons.  Here is my favorite example to support this mindset of Finish Strong – you won’t believe it:

Let’s get after it!  Finish Strong in 2023 and set up for an amazing 2024!

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